BOOK – Ganoderma the miraculous by Dr.TSIOLIS


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The pace of ”modern” life has changed in a way that affects our health. Hard work under unfavorable working conditions, stress, malnutricion, the sedentary way of life and a Health System not so good, consist a major health hazard.

Symptoms such as fatigue, dizinnes, lack of concentration, loss of apetite or boulimia, migraine, constipation, erectile dysfunction sound the allarm. We should take into consideration as the human body is a perfect biological machine and doew not ”complain” with no reason.


First of all, we should follow a healthier diet. It is the first and foremost factor for good health. Industrialized food, incorrect preperation of meals even in house, ingredients for our food which are not of the best qyality, the lack of really fresh fruit and vegetables, the increased consumption of red meat and fatty foods, should all lead us towards anothr way of thinking and dealing with the situation.!

So, what is it that we need today so as to have a balanced organism, without causing it harm? What can we do so as not to feel tired and depressed all the time?

Apart from our diet, we also need ”allies”. They give us a good health!

The aim of the present work is to point out the qualities of a very important herb, called Ganoderma lucidum or Reishi. For this reason I wrote the book ”GANODERMA THE MIRACULOUS”, to explain the pharmacological actions of this herb according to studies of many Universities allove the world.


You may already be familiar with it. Or more propably not. In both cases, seek information for this miracle provided to us by nature!

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