All the formulas of our products are carefully studied and crafted in our facilities, with respect for both humans and nature. We value the rich biodiversity that nature has endowed our country with, boasting the world's most abundant flora. The Greek herbs we incorporate into our products are renowned worldwide for their properties. We have designed and produced two lines of natural cosmetics, namely SEMPRE GIOVANE, featuring the noble Reishi mushroom seed oil as its main active ingredient, and SEMPRE, always based on natural ingredients.


At GANOPHARM, we manufacture the GANOPHEN range of dietary supplements, a series that targets essential ingredients for our health, such as vitamins C and D, Omega-3, and the famous Ganoderma, a renowned adaptogenic herb that enhances our immune system. This process provides us with health and well-being, and it helps treat various illnesses.

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Nurturing Beauty Naturally

The GANOPHARM Research and Pharmaceutical Institute is a unit for the study and production of Dietary Supplements and Natural Cosmetics. Our product formulas are researched and made in our facility with respect for both humans and nature. Greece's rich flora, endowed by nature, is famous worldwide. The Greek herbs we incorporate into our products are renowned for their properties. This is one reason why Greeks are pioneers in manufacturing dietary supplements, cosmetics, and medicines, with a thriving export activity.

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Step into a realm where wellness and beauty intertwine, guided by the extraordinary power of Ganoderma Lucidum, the legendary Reishi mushroom. Revered globally, this remarkable fungus has captivated researchers and herbalists for centuries.

Welcome to our online store, where we proudly present a curated collection of premium supplements and cosmetics infused with the age-old secrets of Reishi. With over 2000 years of history in traditional Chinese medicine, Reishi embodies the essence of vitality and longevity.

Our products not only nurture your well-being but also enhance your skin's natural radiance. Experience the multifaceted wonders of Reishi and embark on a journey to a healthier, more beautiful you.

Discover the miraculous potential of Reishi with us.

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