Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

This Site uses technologies such as 'cookies' and 'pixel tags.' By navigating the Site, the User agrees to their creation and use. If the User does not wish to use cookies, they can either disable them or avoid browsing the Site.

'Cookies' are small text files stored in the User's browser when they visit a website. The information stored on the User's computer may include details such as the pages visited, the date and time of the visit, as well as a random and unique identification number. Through this usage, the Site can store useful information about the User's navigation on the Site and read this information to provide a unified browsing experience for the User.

Cookies serve various purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Maintaining User security and facilitating navigation on the Site. At any point where it is necessary to enter the User's personal information (https protocol), cookies assist in identifying and transferring the User's previous browsing data from the (http) environment. For example, this allows the User to navigate the Site by adding items to their cart, and if any communication involving personal information is required (e.g., changing personal details, placing an order, etc.), it can be done without the User's inconvenience.
  • Storing personal settings and preferences during navigation on the Site.
  • Helping the COMPANY understand how its audience reacts and uses its Site to enhance information and the way it delivers the browsing experience. These insights assist the COMPANY in providing targeted services tailored to each User individually. For instance, if a User navigates to a specific product, they may see an advertisement for that product when browsing an electronic technology magazine or blog later.

Most browsers allow users to delete 'cookies' and prevent their creation for future browsing on the same Site. It should be noted, however, that by preventing this, some functions of the Site may not work correctly.