Shipping Details

Place of Delivery

Delivery to the location specified by the Customer: In cases where the product is dispatched to the location chosen by the Customer, the product is handed over to an external partner transporter, and the Customer is electronically notified that the product is ready for dispatch. Shipping costs are calculated based on the Customer's order. Any incorrect input by the Customer and, therefore, an erroneous calculation of shipping costs, do not burden the COMPANY but the Customer. It is worth noting that the Customer may choose to arrange transport themselves, but in this case, the products are transported at their own risk. For the receipt of the order, the Customer shall present to the external partner transporter the order confirmation (order code), dispatch notification, and an official identification document (such as an identity card or passport). If the Customer wishes to authorise a third party to receive their order, the authorized third party must provide specific authorisation for the legal receipt of that particular order, as recognised by a Citizen Service Center (KEP) or police or other relevant authority. Furthermore, an official identification document (such as an identity card, passport, etc.) is required for identity verification. Given that the risk is transferred to the Customer after receiving the products, it is the Customer's responsibility to inspect the products upon receipt. By signing upon delivery, the Customer confirms that they have correctly received the products included in their order. If the Customer fails to pick up the product after receiving the notification for dispatch and despite the notification from the transporter, the COMPANY reserves the right to withdraw from the sale.

Shipping Costs:

Free for orders over €50 In all other cases, the shipping cost amounts to €4.00

5.2. Delivery Time

The delivery time of the sold products and services is determined in the order, depending on availability, confirmed upon acceptance of the order by the COMPANY, and is at most thirty (30) days from the time the sale is concluded unless there is a special written agreement between the parties through electronic correspondence.

Force Majeure:
The COMPANY is not responsible for delays in order execution (including delivery) that are due to circumstances that cannot be attributed to the COMPANY's liability but are due to force majeure. Therefore, the COMPANY is entitled to an extension of the time for execution. Indicative examples include strikes, acts of terrorism, war, issues with suppliers/transportation/production, fluctuations in exchange rates, governmental or legislative actions, and natural disasters. If such incidents last more than two (2) months, the sales contract may be terminated by any contracting party without compensation. If the Customer decides that they no longer have an interest in completing the order, they have the right to terminate the sales contract, and the COMPANY is obliged to refund the price as well as any other amount paid within the framework of the sales contract.